Here, we are going to explain certificates of inspection and standard in more detail.

Obtaining certificates of inspection and standard is another service offered by Ebrahimi Trading Group.

Taking advantage of highly qualified and experienced experts backed by years of experience, specialized Standard department of Ebrahimi Trading Group is able to provide the following services to merchants, traders, importers and exporters:

  • Standard certificate for imported and exported goods
  • Obtaining standard sign for domestic goods
  • Providing expert advice before placing your order about technical regulations and standards requirements for import and export
  • Obtaining certificate of inspection and standard required for ordering a vehicle
  • Providing advice to determine the standard of the goods
  • Obtaining certificates required for the clearance
  • Advising and completing the documentation required to get the standard from Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran
  • Accomplishing all procedures required for obtaining standard certificate for exported and imported goods, including inspection services at origin and destination, by premier inspection companies certified by the National Standardization Organization of Iran


What Is Certificate of Standard?

Certificate of inspection is an approval that is generally required for importing products such as meat products, perishable goods and industrial equipment. This certificate confirms that the products are in good condition and have the required specs and features. It also confirms the volume of declared goods when leaving the port. This approval or certificate is called certificate of inspection.

Types of Certificate of Inspection

There are two types of certificate of inspection:

  1. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) certificate:

It is only through this document that the buyer can ensure that shipment of goods delivered to the shipping company matches with what is promised in the sales contract by the seller in terms of volume, number, quality, and specifications. They usually inspect packages prepared for delivery but it start since the packaging and continue during the whole packing process and loading for transportation to destination. 

Which countries require certificate of inspection?

This list changes every year. The value of goods is also effective in this list. According to regulations, some countries require certificate of inspection added goods value. The list of these countries is presented in the following:

Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), Côte d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya ( under review), Kuwait, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mexico, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Uzbekistan.

  1. Certificate of Origin Inspection (COI)

Inspection companies are in charge of issuing this certificate.

Regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran

IRI uses certificate of standard to control the quality of imported products. An assessor checks the products based on international standards and criteria required in Iran to ensure their compliance with these rules. This is called certificate of standard or Certificate at Origin of Inspection (COI). Furthermore, given the scope and information provided by the buyer or seller, a series of commercial certificates should be received especially if this purchase was made on the basis of letters of credit. This certificate is called certificate of assessment or LC.

Assessment Process in Iran

Assessment process in Iran is to check the product documentation, visual inspection of quality and testing products in virtual laboratories.

When do we need certificate of inspection?

When the value of bought goods is too much or when you are dealing with a client who has a high sensitivity, you may be ask to present the certificate of inspection and standard. This certification ensures the buyer that it is exactly the desired product and in accordance with the demands of the buyer, qualitatively. If the client insists on obtaining this certificate, ETG can do it on behalf of its client. Obviously, administrative and inspection costs will be borne by the client. If an institute has special assessment in mind to evaluate its goods, the client can suggest it. Inspection Certificate can be delivered to the buyer or the bank that the buyer has obtained LC from. If the inspection certificate is required to be submitted to the buyer’s bank, money transfer request must be provided by noting that for full payment of the money and financial obligations, certificates of assessment and standard are necessary.

International Appraisal Companies

To assess quantitative, qualitative, and value of imported shipments, some countries have permanent connection and cooperation with international companies. In the following, 4 prestigious international appraisal companies are mentioned:

  • Bureau Veritas Group
  • Cotecna
  • Intertek
  • SGS

These companies are created to give assurance to customers. For example, when you want to know the real value of purchased goods or when you want to make sure of the quality of purchased product. Another reason may be to avoid paying customs duties. The following is a list of inspection companies whose competence in the field of export and import inspection are verified:

  • Atlas Inspection Service
  • Iran Visit
  • Iran Group of Surveyors
  • Aria toos mottahed international Inspection Group (AIG) 
  • Iranian Engineering Inspection
  • Technical Inspection & Corrosion Control
  • Iran Standard & Quality Inspection
  • Research Center of Informatics Industries
  • International Seezan Inspection ( ISI)
  • International Goods Inspection (IGI)
  • Marja’an Khatan Research and Education Center
  • Bekhrad International Inspection Services
  • Arya SGS Quality Services Company
  • Darvaze Roshan
  • Meyar Gostar Toos
  • Asia Classification Society
  • Meyar gostar Sadr Inspection
  • IKA Engineering & Inspection
  • Azmoon Asa Parse Inspection and Engineering
  • Tose’e Milad International inspection and Engineering
  • Fahameh Eng. & Ind.
  • NASA International Inspection
  • Alloyed Vessels Engineering & Inspection
  • Marout Caspian Inspection Services