customs broker

Ebrahimi trading group is a reliable firm which is licensed by Iran’s Customs department and engaged in realesing goods through customs on behalf of importers. The custom broker is responsible for preparing documents and filling forms , advising importer on duties to be paid(After determination of HS CODE the determination of tariff is done on the base of harmonized system nomenclature) ,base on Iran customs tariff tables,we estimate total custom charges for importers. Each tariff contains the tax and rate of custom duties of goods which imports to country.) , arranging for delivery to the client , trucking , business consultant,etc

base on iran Iran export and import regulations all traders must have had commercial card,If importers didn’t have commercial card we would offer them commercial card and in this case we would be the consignee of the cargo and if the importer need any assurance from our firm , it doesn’t matter , we will provide any assurance that client’s need. We would negotiate with importers and reach a compromise to guarantee their consignment .

Customs entry

All countries require declaration in custom at the entry of incoming goods . The importer then normally pays a duty on the imported merchandise. The importer’s statement is compared against the carrier’s vessel manifest to ensure that all foreign goods are properly declared.once the cargo declared , the computer system or the assessment service manager determines the person who is responsible for handling the assessment .in this stage, the documents are checked   and as  Iranian customs law are not stable and changed ,you should be aware of all Iran customs regulations ,to avoid over paying the duties according to the ministry of industry, mine and trade,  Iran import duties are mentioned in the export and import regulation book , but recently some import duties have changed, we as your Iranian customs clearance agent, make Doing Business in Iran smoothly.. second, the goods are physically and randomly checked, counted, inspected and endorsement is done . in addition to rules , two important item will be checked in this stage rate of custom value, and tariff.

As you may know ,the government authorities responsible for the administration of customs law of a country and collect duties and taxes.


Minimum charge for Releasing Each full container load, under one bill of lading is 15.000.000 rial we don’t work for the consignment less than container load.

Certification needed during performing custom formalities process:

Inspection certificate: this certificated issued by an independent agent or firm attesting quality and quantity of the merchandise being shipped. Such a certificate is usually required in a letter of credit for commodity shipments.

In case the nature of the cargo is not recognized for the customs, a sample of the cargo may be sent to laboratory by customs to determine the nature. For instance when a metal declared to the customs, the lab determines the material or nature of the metal.

In the last step, custom broker gets the documents to the exit gate and takes a permit to load the cargo to be exited from customs area. a vehicle is brought in customs and after the settlement of warehouse costs, the cargo is allowed to be loaded and the customs formalities is fully accomplished when the goods leave the customs area and get out of the exit gate.