Definition of clearing agent or custom broker

Clearing agent is the one who has received required license from custom borders after completing and passing the exams that require mastering in a wide range of knowledge such as customs rules, customs classification, customs tariffs, import and export laws, transportation routines, business documents, and … . He serves as a professional representative for import or export of goods, prepare required documents, and presents them to clear the goods. This person is called clearing agent or custom broker.

it is the clearing agent that bears the responsibility of clearing your goods from custom borders or any other government entity. Ebrahimi Trading Group, as an official clearing agent of custom borders, offers many services to merchants including warranties that are required for customs affairs, specifying the product line, delivery of cleared goods from custom borders to you, and tracking the status of your shipment at any time, and …

A simple search on the internet for clearing agents shows more than 2.6 million results. How can you choose a professional agent one among all these? Ask yourself the following questions to find an appropriate custom broker:

How much the custom broker or clearing agent is experienced and how is his relationship with other organizations?

How much his employees are educated?

More importantly, how much they can take care of your cargo and keep their promises?

Ebrahimi Trading Group can ensure you of your cargo clearance and its safe delivery from any ports in the country and in the shortest time possible. You should not randomly select a person for clearing your cargo. A proper clearing agent or custom broker takes care of your business as if the imported cargo is for himself. He monitors the entire process of your shipment clearance and is involved in all clearing procedures. He is aware of state rules that can benefit your import.

A good clearing agent understands your business and protects it.

Ebrahimi Trading group makes it easy for you to import!

We, as a guide are aware of all the complex customs procedures.

Every step that we take on your behalf, be sure that it is 100% in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran; customs laws, duties and tariffs, and goods delivery to the final destination. ETG experts are honored to take advantage of all their experience to help you at all stages of clearance. Ebrahimi Trading Group assumes responsibilities of importing the shipment of first traders to large volumes of big industries.

The followings are some of the services provided by Ebrahimi Trading Group:

  • Clearing imports from all borders of the country
  • Providing custom service and formalities
  • Obtaining import and export licenses
  • Foreign money orders (opening letters of credit, currency exchange)
  • Shipping from all parts of the world
  • Ordering and specialized clearance of goods
  • Tracking customs documents in Iran customs
  • Obtaining certification of standard and inspection for all product categories
  • Obtaining permits and exemptions
  • Searching and finding reliable producers and retailers
  • Customs consultation on solving disputes between custom borders and goods owners