You must always declare the goods to customs if you want to import or export.

Exporters/importers required to make a declaration to obtain customs clearance permission , this customs clearance declaration form is completed by customs broker, once the assessment completed the goods can be cleared from customs

Electronic declaration

All companies that export goods often get the assistance of licensed customs broker on their behalf . Ebrahimi trading group declare the goods electronically and follow the process physically .

Exemptions and obligation to declare:

Low value equipment


Restriction on goods

Some goods need some permission before importing or exporting you can follow them by related hscodes from us.

All goods classified by commodity code or customs tariff , any customs duty and taxes and restriction status will go by this international code.

There were many professional methods to declare goods from customs which we are expert at them including:

Methods of determining customs value,assessment on restriction and documents needed before arrival of goods, clearance tricks and etc…

Ebrahimi trading group as a licensed customs broker  provides services on all steps of importing goods: 1- getting permission from ministry of trade and commerce 2- transferring money via nima system or exchange companies 3- declaration of goods and execution of cargo customs declaration.

documents are also generally required:

  • Signed invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading or Delivery Order/Airway Bill
  • License wherever necessary
  • Letter of Credit/Bank Draft/wherever necessary
  • Insurance document
  • Import license
  • Industrial License, if required
  • Test report in case of chemicals
  • Catalogue, Technical write up, Literature in case of machineries, spares or chemicals as may be applicable
  • Certificate of Origin, if preferential rate of duty is claimed