Ebrahimi trading group as a Licensed customs broker with license number 32982, is a primarily agent assist importers and exporters in doing customs formalities across geographical borders of iran .

In behalf of the importer , custom brokers submit necessary information(fill e-forms ,collecting necessary documents depending on the nature of the goods,getting necessary permission from governmental organization ).

Customs broker Pass the  Customs Broker License Examination.base on his knowledge , customs broker know all the rules and regulations implied y governmental organization and assist clients to avoid extra charges.as far as we know sometimes customs law changes on daily basis , so we are the best source who can play an important role in handling your consignment because we are familiar with applicable laws both in payment of duties and taxes

the entry procedure is complex for foreigners who are not familiar with iran trade rules ,for instance the admissibility requirnmernt , classification , valuation ,duties ,taxes, duties exemption, getting governmental exchange rate  and appropriate payments,are not clear for whom trade in iran for the first time , even if you are experienced you can’t act as well as a custom broker.  After we do custom formalities for you we only will charge you 2% for providing commercial card .

Services which custom broker provides:

Get required permission of  your goods to meet state requirements governing import and export

Prepare and submit necessary documents and payments to the Customs authorities through epl website

Assess commercial documents, prior to their submission

Check the goods classification so duties and taxes can be properly determined

release goods with insurance  and deliver threm to the importer’s warehouse.

Base on your demands we will help you in a way that your business would be successful . many of those people who doesn’t have enough experience in custom clearance process declare the goods as faulty decleration and this resulted in audits, fine, and even sanctions for others business, we make sure to have your declaration verified by licensed customs broker

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