Importing goods from foreign countries to other countries and the procedures are almost different among different countries and customs .

Import procedure:

1-trade inquiry

2-procument of import licence

3-obtaining foreign exchange

4-placing the indent

5-dispatching a letter of credit

6-obtaining necessary documents7-customs formalities and clearing of goods

7-making the payment

Trade enquiry:

Inquiry letter is a request written by buyer and contains information such as quantity of order- price- trade term- payment term , to supply goods.


Due to Iran laws, any one who is decisive for importing goods , must have commercial card. Commercial cars act as an import license.

Categories of import items:

1-Freely imported

2-restricted item

3-prohibited item

Obtaining foreign exchange

CBI(central bank of iran) is control the releasing of foreign exchange.

Dispatching a letter of credit

In order to assure exporter that the payment will be done accurately . importer send a letter of credit to import (LC) .in terms of LC : applicants, issuing bank,beneficiary,advising bank,confirming bank. Negotiating bank.

Obtaining necessary documents:

Shipping documents: bill of loading, insurance policy certificate, certificate of origin, invoice …

In addition to documentary bill will be forwarded to ther importer through foreign exchange bank, for collecting payments of the bill.

The payment time has agreed earlier between the seller and buyer usually between 30 to 90 days.

Custom formalities and clearing of goods:

1-Fill the bill of entry through EPL website

2-determine customs duty rate

3-determine warehouse rate

4-shipping companies will submit manifest

5-receive permission to import goods

ebrahimi trading group-customs clearance