According to the value of imported goods , all traders have to pay customs duties , the estimation of custom duties prior to arrival of goods could have determined by Ebrahimi trading group in advance .

We are responsible for import, transit, tariff classification of the imported goods,valuation,request for LC,arrange for international transportation, completing declaration forms AND CLEARANCE DOCUMENTS  through EPL,assessing customs duties and commercial benefit tax and depositing it to the related organization account, paying customs duties, import control, performing customs formalities , of the temporary admissions ,cabotage, every  other procedure within customs operation, granting recommended exemption and discounts  in customs governmental organization .

Customs procedure:

We as a customs broker serve as a link between the merchant and governmental organization , we are responsible for data entery , the broker check for any discrepancy or mistake and afterall get CUTAGE number , in the next stage the assessment will done and the documents will checked , regarded to the determined path the goods will randomly checked , counted or inspected

Custom values determind base on CIF value and all duities and taxes are based on CIF .

In case the nature of the cargo is not recognizable for the customs , a sample of the cargo may be sent to laboratory by customs to determine the nature . forexample when a metal is declared to the customs , the lab determines the material or the nature of the metal .

After the duties and taxes payable are determined based on the customs value and customs tariff , the declarer pay the amount to the bank and then it is permitted to excit the cargo from customs area and exit gate.

Customs and commercial documents:

-Proforma Invoice (contain : date and number – seller and buyer name and addresses, phone no., fax no., email of the seller)-country of origin- delivery point- terms of sale-terms of payment and delivery- validity period for quotation- hs number- description of each item – quantity of each item – unit and total price of each item- net and gross weight-total charges to be paid by customer (insurance,shipping)- currency of sale

-commercial invoice

– bill of lading(shipper or consignor)- point of origin – date of shipment – truck/freight – shipper’s number-carrier- agent’s number -consigned to- destination- route – delivering carrier – vehicle no- description of shipment – , ….