Irrespective to mode of transportation this rule may be used.

The definition of DDPdelivery duty paid: to pay any duty for import and export and carry out all customs formalities. Any VAT or other taxes payable upon import are for the seller’s account

We will release the import cargo and deliver to buyer warehouse

In order to import goods base on rules implied by ministry of commerce, you should have registered commercial card, for doing any business activities including import and export.

Ebrahimi trading group can offer services to accelerate and proceed custom formalities such as registration of consignment in ministry of commerce prior to arrival of goods and getting essential permission(standard – medical equipment- telecommunication permit) from different organization base on goods types

In order to estimate custom duties and relevant charges , we need your PI(proforma invoice).if the Proforma invoice is convienet then we can determine HS code, tariff duty accurately and definitely better than foreigner because maybe they were unaware of some customs tariff.

Apparently regarding to value , by establishing  EPL declaration system and TSC, values of every goods has been written there; therefore you couldn’t declare goods underestimated. Prices should reach to the prices which customs determined.

We will assist importers to declare the value of invoices in a way that make the benefit margin for them higher.

Due to time: it will take 1 or 2 days for registration in ministry of commerce. e-declaration will take 4 days- totally 7 working days your consignment will release from customs if all permits applicable.for instance if the goods need standard and didn’t get certificate of inspection then it may need 1 week time to send it to laboratory and get the result.the time of releasing goods is dependent on consignment type.

Import license has 3 month expire date from the date you registered goods in ministry of commerce .

Goods can stay in warehouse for 3 month .you can extend the time by more 2 month.