We recommend trader to arrange pre-shipment inspection issued by international inspection organization, as you may know in LC payment term it is needed to get the certification in origin ,in addition some goods need certain standards .in these 2 cases inspection service will inspect goods prior to shipment. If the goods are found to be satisfactory the inspection service will issue a ‘clean report of findings’ which enables the goods to be imported into the buyer’s country and usually, required as part of the payment process.

Example of reports from inspection companies:

Method of inspection:

Quality was assessed by visual examination for conformity with the proforma invoice specification

Our inspection showed that the goods were new, unused, of good quality manufacture and free from any visible sign of defect or damage.

Certificate of health:

This document is required when we want to explain that the goods are not contaminated by disease or chemicals. For example certificate of health is necessary for foodstuffs or agricultural or livestock products .in the case of livestock should certified by vet.

Certificate of origin(COO)

Certificate of origin used as a verification of the origin of the goods. Chamber of commerce at issuing body will certify that.

Ebrahimi trading group licensed custom broker 32982 would receive any permission required for releasing of goods such as: standard, health, Quarantine cattle, Veterinary License, Agriculture, Vegetable quarantine, atomic energy, …

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