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Clearance of goods from all customs offices of the country

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clearance by official customs clearance

Trading Company Brahimi as Customs and Customs official agent One of the most popular series of services in the field clearance of the customs of the country that has over the years continued service activity clearance and business consulting some of the most respected commercial and industrial business from the beginning Bgyrd.ayn undertake their utmost to provide the best service to customers and to attract forces efficient, experienced and educated attempting to upgrade your service delivery business and customs requirements. 1- Clearance of all customs and Bandar Abbas by official customs broker 2- order to obtain a one-day 3- Customs clearance of equipment and raw materials production line and release chemicals and parts 4- obtaining licenses and exemption from all organizations 5- follow up on the questions by experts 6- Dvrazhary and offer Print the declaration of import 7- services business card to the company Clearance 8- opening letters of credit and bank transfer in the shortest time, and the collaterals just exchange it for good customers 9- contracts with reputable transport companies and shipping across the country 10- Tariff and the value of the product as an expert in the shortest time Department of Commerce Brahimi goals: Ebrahimi Trading Group (ETG) is an authorized clearing agent of Iran Customs, (license number 32982), with more than 10 years of experience in clearance activities. So far, ETG has been party to clearing contract with more than 100 large companies with whom it is still cooperating

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